IT Financial Analysis Services

BestIT provides ongoing consulting in the area of financial management of Information Technology. Most executives today want to ensure that they are spending what is necessary to keep the lights on and have an IT that is a value differentiator to their potential customer base. No more, no less. We make the financial and capital investment planning process simple to understand and execute.

We’ll help you redirect dollars from more commoditized services to keep the lights on into those strategic projects that will help sustain and foster growth of the business:

  • IT Financial Planning and Management
  • Capital Investment Planning and Execution

BestIT works with all of our clients to set a strategic yearly budget that will set the course to execute projects and achieve your strategic goals. We become a part of your team, we integrate with Finance and Executives to help them understand what will be needed for capital investments and what it’s going to take to keep the lights on for technology.

Areas of benchmark where we’ll focus to give you the most bang for your buck:

  •  Operations and Maintenance – What we like to call, Keep the Lights on. For most companies, this will comprise typically 50% of your IT budget. What BestIT will do is work whatever angle necessary to optimize this spend and redirect your savings to the investments that are going to have the biggest impact on your business.
  • Capital Investment Planning and Execution – Where the true value of IT is harnessed. We’ll help plan your strategy and projects that will help you achieve your goals. From there, BestIT will help you understand what type of returns you can expect in Revenue, Savings, Capabilities, Profits etc. Execute your Projects with BestIT and watch your company’s performance take the next step foward